ADJUSTABLE COMFORT INSOLES - Just Pump-It-Up! Inflatable Replaceable Inserts for Shoes, Foot Leveler.
The nation's premier online store, AIR-PUMP-INSOLES, Inc., offers a brand new, premium, consumer product - INFLASOLE™, state of-the-art, patented technology, never before seen in the insole or orthotic industry. Podiatrist Recommended.

AIR-PUMP-INSOLES, Inc., introduces a brand new, premium, consumer product - INFLASOLE™, state-of-the-art, patented technology, never before seen in the insole or orthotic industry. Podiatrist Recommended.

INFLASOLE™ is a newly, patented consumer product featuring Adjustable Comfort Insoles - replaceable shoe inserts with a built-in, miniature air-pump and release valve enabling wearers to adjust the air-pressure, for the their own desired comfort support according to the weight and activity of the individual. No matter what activity, be it standing, walking, running, or sports, INFLASOLE™ provides constant shock absorbency and protects the wearer's feet, knees and skeleton system.

Athletes who use INFLASOLE™ can improve their performance. They stand taller and can jump higher. Back pain, foot pain and knee injuries, caused by frequent impact on hard surfaces while running, jumping, or even just from a lifetime of walking, can be significantly reduced. Heel pain sufferers and those with plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs, have seen noticeable improvement in symptoms, and are able to return to their regular activities wearing their Inflasoles. By adding extra air-pressure for running or walking, or other athletic activities, INFLASOLE™ provides an Adjustable Energy Return System. INFLASOLE™ is the only product on the market that has an Adjustable Energy Return System.

INFLASOLE™ is the only insole/orthotic on the market that enable heel spurs sufferers to inflate their INFLASOLE™ with enough air pressure, accotding their weight, so that their heel (heel bone) doesn't touch hard surface of their shoes, but rather floath on air pillow. INFLASOLE™ distribute your weight equaly and eliminates pressure points completely. Diabetics should consider having INFLASOLE™ in their shoes. It is well known that if you don't have good shock absorbency in your shoes, then, your body compensates for that, your whole body suffers - discs between the vertebras, cartilage in your joints, hip, knee, foot, etc. Don't let your body suffer needlessly!

About Our Competition:

Existing insoles on the market today are far behind  Inflasol's technology. Usually, these other products are made of a spongy or foam material which loses memory, resiliency and comfort after a short period of time. They need to be replaced frequently. Some inserts are filled with a fluid and are not compressible, are heavy, and may tend to leak or evaporate. Gel-type inserts are heavier and thinner than Inflasole's air-cushioned comfort Insoles.

Traditional orthotics are made of rigged or semi-rigged plastics and keep your foot in "fixed" position. Although they provides necessary arch support and some of them can flex under weight of wearers they have very little, or in same cases not at all, shock-absorbency at the heel.

There are also some shoes with an air chamber as a permanent mid-sole but they are neither adjustable nor replaceable. For example; If you are buying a NIKE shoe, they will ask you: "What is your shoe size?"  Not, what is your weight? Someone may have shoe size 10 and weights 150 pounds and someone else may also have shoe size 10 but weights 300 pounds and both will get the same shoe regardless of their weight.  Also, you never know what the air pressure inside the chamber of the NIKE shoe is because it is constantly changing. For the first few months after production, it gradually increases pressure and then gradually decreases pressure for a whole year. Even if you know what the air pressure is inside the chamber at a certain period of time you can do nothing about it because they do not have a built-in air pump or release valve to adjust air pressure.

Also, ADIDAS is introducing the "Adidas 1", a $250 high-tech shoe. Inside the heel of the aerodynamic shoe are wafer-thin sensors, and a magnet that monitors the amount of shock applied to the foot. That information is sent to a microprocessor and, while the shoe is in the air, the motorized cable system adjusts the heel cushion 1,000 times per second. It has replaceable lithium batteries estimated to be good for 100 hours of running.

It remains to be seen how "Adidas 1", with so many sensitive parts, sensors, microprocessor, motor, cables, battery, etc., will perform, especially in the wet and hostile environment inside shoes, and if it will be widely accepted by consumers.

Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, etc. are   manufacturers of complete sneakers and are not consider to be our direct competition but rather a positive source of shared customers because whatever brand name of sneakers customers may have will improve their performance by having INFLASOLE™ in their sneakers.

INFLASOLE™ is high-tech yet a very uncomplicated product. INFLASOLE™ has a full length inflatable bladder and a dynamic arch support system.

Unlike traditional orthotics, INFLASOLE™ (Insole/Orthotics) provides Heel Support and Dynamic Arch Support. When wearer, during walking or running, puts weight on the heel of one foot, the air from heel area of the INFLASOLE™ moves in area with less resistance which is arch area and provides gentle push up at the arch of wearers foot. This motion is similar to walking bare-foot on the beach. Beside supreme shock-absorbency, it provides constant massage of the wearer's feet.

We spend most of the day  with shoes on our feet, standing or walking on hard concrete surfaces. Shoes and concrete are not natural environment for humans, but products of civilization. INFLASOLE™ inside shoes, provides supreme shock-absorbency and most natural bio-mechanics of foot function.

When you first try INFLASOLE™, you will experience instant gratification. After several days of use you will also find that the upper surface of the INFLASOLE™ will mold to the contour of your feet.

Experts in the footwear industry recommend replacing your athletic shoes every 250 to 300 miles, even if they still appear as new because the shoes lose structural integrity. Now with Inflasoles, you don't need to replace your athletic shoes so often and when your shoes finally wear out, just remove your IINFLASOLE™ and slip them into your new pair of shoes! They may outlast several pairs of your shoes. "Walking on air" is not just a dream; it is now a reality with INFLASOLE™.

Now finally, you can walk on air and adjust the softness of the insoles, as you like. Just pump-it-up! "You might not have a Rolls-Royce or a Ferrari in your garage, but now you can have INFLASOLE™ in your shoes".

As a potential customer you really have two choices:
1. Do nothing and continue suffering with inferior products inside your shoes or;
2. Have INFLASOLE™ in your shoes and start enjoying benefits of walking on air.

NOTE: INFLASOLE™ (Adjustable Comfort Insoles) are also great as a gift for someone who will appreciate and remember you every day.