ADJUSTABLE COMFORT INSOLES - Just Pump-It-Up! Inflatable Replaceable Inserts for Shoes, Foot Leveler.
The nation's premier online store, AIR-PUMP-INSOLES, Inc., offers a brand new, premium, consumer product - INFLASOLE™, state of-the-art, patented technology, never before seen in the insole or orthotic industry. Podiatrist Recommended.

As a Podiatrist with over thirty years of experience, I want to say how pleased I am both personally and professionally with Inflasoles. Their unique air-pillow technology provides relief from heel and arch pain, and painful ball of the foot. The superior shock absorption qualities of Inflasoles also offer perfect protection for the diabetic foot, postoperative support and comfort for hip, knee, foot and ankle patients, as well as back pain sufferers. In fact, there is no other prescription orthotic, or over-the-counter insert that can compare with Inflasole's comfort and unique, patented, built-in air pump technology. You truly are "walking on air." After long hours on my feet treating patients, I've experienced unmatched comfort and support with my own Inflasoles. As a foot care specialist, Inflasole has my highest recommendation and endorsement.
Stephen C. Wagers, D.P.M.

San Diego, California

Dear Air-Pump Insoles,
I own two pairs of your inflasole product. I use one in my running shoes, and the other in my walking shoes. I have been using the inflasole for three months now. I cannot imagine walking or running without the inflasole. I no longer use my custom-made orthotics in my walking shoes because the inflasole is more comfortable and supportive of my flat feet. I really enjoy the spring in my step while wearing the inflasole. While other people are shuffling along, I'm bouncing. One day I jogged without the inflasole. The difference was amazing. The pounding on my feet, shins, and legs was unbearable. I will never run again unless I am wearing the inflasole product in my shoes.
Rod A. Agras Greensburg, PA

(724) 837-2916

As soon as I put in Inflasole's in my shoes and stood up it was heaven. That was the most comfortable my feet had felt in a pair of shoes in years. I actually don't ever remember my feet feeling that good ever!! I've always had heel problems and when I walked the Inflasole provide a great cushion as if I were walking on air. I own two pairs. One pair I leave in my golf shoes and the other I transfer to which ever shoes I decided to wear that day. I've also played basketball in a pair and again I was amazed with the lack of pressure I felt on my feet. I now have started playing basketball again more regularly free from the stress and pain I use to feel in my joints.
Ty Thomas
Women's Basketball Coach
College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA 92260


I have used the inflasole quite a bit and it is not only very comfortable but it has also helped my stamina and relieved pain in my back.
Oscar Wegner, international tennis coach.

I am writing to express my satisfaction with your product and how it alleviated my knee pain when walking. Before using your product I had limited mobility and had tried everything from knee braces and off the shelf padded insoles to supplements but nothing worked like your INFLASOLES. Thank you. Please feel free to give out my #760.771.6341 to anyone who needs an unbiased opinion about your product.
William Holliday,
I am an avid hiker in and around the mountains surrounding my home in the Coachella valley. I always buy the best hiking boots I can, and use them every day at work to ease the stress on my feet and legs. I have tried many different insoles to help with standing on a concrete floor all day. Your insoles have been a wonderful relief to my feet and legs. The way they cushion every step at work is enough to recommend them to my friends. The best part is the cushion from all the rocks I walk over on my hikes. The last hike was over an area of rocks totaling 27 miles. I had many sore muscles the next day but no blisters, thanks to your insoles.
Thank You,
Arch Hawkins
La Quinta, California

I have had peripheral neuropathy for ten years as a result of toxic chemotherapy. This resulted in permanent nerve damage; which led to acute chronic pain. The worst area are the soles of my feet. I have tried numerous orthopedics and insoles. Inflasoles is a unique product. It allows you to pump and deflate the insole. It provides for a smooth walk. Check it out!
Edward Muzyczka
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Over the past nine years I have had four lower back surgical procedures done. Two of the four were spinal fusions and two were the removal of bone spurs from vertebra. While all four operations were successful, the muscles in my lower back never fully regained their strength. Consequently they tire very easily and become quite painful especially during activities such as tennis that I play four to five times a week. Since I've had inflasoles in my tennis shoes the pain has been almost eliminated. My old knees feel better as well. After a three set match the other day I told my tennis buddies that It felt like my feet were being massaged while wearing my inflasoles. I'm a happy guy.
Richard Crumrine
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Inflasole,
I just wanted to say thanks for your product. I'm in my mid 50's and play tennis and prefer singles mostly because I enjoy the running aspect. The last couple of years I've noticed that my knees were sore after playing especially on hardcourt. As a consequence I made a decision not to chase every ball down the way I used to. After using the insole, I find I can run much harder with the confidence that the shock is being picked up before getting to my knees and the're feeling much better. What I didn't expect was a spring or propelling effect and extra foot speed. Many times now I get comments from people on how quickly I get around. It's good to be chasing every ball down again.
Bill Bagge
East Longmeadow, MA

Dear Inflasoles,
I purchased my pair of inflasoles about 30 days ago. They have been in my shoes, sandals, tennis shoes ever since! Since I must use a brace on my right leg due to "drop foot" I have used every type of insert, pad, support known to man attempting to obtain comfort. I have found the comfort I was looking for in inflasole. Unfortunately my days of hiking, running, playing tennis are over but my days of comfortable walking are just starting thanks to inflasoles.
Larry Lollman
Indian Wells, Ca.

We are pleased with the support and cushion of your INFLASOLE. As a reflexologist I'd recommend them to anyone with foot, leg or back pain. I personally have found them to enable my painful left foot to become pain-free in walking. Both, my husband and I, have bad backs and hips and the INFLASOLE has removed pressure on those. They are in my Z-Coil shoes and in his regular walking shoes. These shoes give us the depth and width in the toe box to accommodate the inflasole, and enable us to enjoy walking.
Luis McAtee, Reflexologist
Jefferson, Iowa

Good morning Nikola,
I received the insoles and I do thank you so much. I did not have to do any cutting to them. I do wonder what is the syringe used for? I don't have long distance on my phone, so this is the next best way of contacting you. I took time and adjusted them and they are 100% better for my feet, my pain went away instantly. It just supported my most sensitive points of my feet. like Tony the Tiger Says! they are great!!!
your new costumer

Just wanted to notify you that I received the replacement sole in the mail a while back. It works great for my plantar fasciitis and tennis. I'll let people know about it. Hope your business can grow. To get the word out, you could try posting some messages about Inflasole on "foot oriented" (runners, etc) internet message boards.
Rich Maisiak


Dear Inflasoles,
Thank you for helping me to give my son the best Christmas gift ever - the gift of hope! My son has had problems with his feet, knees, and back for many years. He could hardly walk. In fact, he was in a wheelchair at one point. This year I was able to give him a pair of inflasoles on Christmas eve, and as soon as he tried them, he knew that they would work for him. He has tried every kind of insole imaginable, and nothing before this has helped him. Now, he is able to walk on pavement and ride a Razor scooter (sp?) He has always been a worrier, and feared that his condition would prevent him from ever having a normal life. He is convinced that things will be better for him now. And it has only been a month since he's been using them. You have made a mother and her son very happy. And the personal service that you have offered, calling him and instructing him on how to properly use the insoles, was something one rarely sees. Again, Thank you and God Bless You.
Christine Buffinger
Redondo Beach, CA


These Inflasoles have really helped me out a lot. I have had problems with my feet for years, but my feet are feeling much better now, and I am able to do a lot more walking than I used to. I highly recommend this product for anyone who must be on his feet a lot or who has foot problems.
Jesse Edwards